Fondazione Scuola Montessori di Bergamo is housed in a modern building designed in compliance with current regulations. The prepared environment is structured scientifically and child friendly, it allows the child to move freely, acquiring experience and developing skills.

The New Building

The building has two floors: the ground floor is used mainly  by Children’s House it has an internal playground of around 500 sq. m, a 440 sq. m gym, an Art Laboratory, a Music Room, Offices, a Teachers’ Lounge and the Kitchen; on the first floor there are eleven Primary School classrooms, the Lunch Room /Conference Room and the Computer & English Lab. The Teachers’ Lounge and the Conference Room are equipped with screens and video projectors.

The school was built to be almost totally energy self-sufficient and has optimal thermal insulation, an underfloor heating system and a high energy efficiency air exchange/filtering/dehumidification system. The building’s energy level is rated ”A2”  and has outstanding  acoustic insulation between the floors, classrooms and corridors to ensure acoustic comfort. Furthermore, all the internal areas and most of the external areas can be accessed by people with motor disability thanks to the two internal lifts.

 As for the outdoor space the school is surrounded by a large, landscaped garden, the majority of which can be accessed by the children (around 4,500 sq. m) that includes educational vegetable gardens, orchards and gazebos. In front of the school there is a large car park with a school bus stop to allow students to get on and off in complete safety.

The Kitchen

One of the choices we made was to invest significant resources in the kitchen to support food education for our students and ensure a greater control of food quality. Children in Children’s House and Primary School have lunch in different areas. The Kitchen serves lunch in three shifts in order to optimize the service. The menu is set in compliance with ATS instructions. Fruit is given to the children during  the morning. As instructed by ATS dried fruit or yogurt is offered to children that have lunch at 13.20.

Extracurricular Activities

Several activities are organized afterschool for Children’s House and Primary School. The activities for the following school year are decided during the previous summer. 


  • art
  • music
  • language/drama
  • I.T.
  • logical thought and maths 
  • sports

Our History


Fondazione Scuola Montessori di Bergamo has more than 70 years of history: it dates back to 1949 when the first Children’s House was opened, while the Primary School was opened in 1950. In 1954 it moved to Viale Vittorio Emanuele and was State approved not long after. It was founded and led by Eleonora Caprotti Honegger and Antonia Trezzi, both trained by Giuliana Sorge, who was a student of Maria Montessori.


In 1960 Mario Montessori, Eleonora Caprotti Honegger and Camillo Grazzini opened Centro Internazionale Studi Montessoriani to train Montessori Elementary Teachers, a training centre still attended by students from all over the world. Here they laid the foundations of a long Montessori tradition in the Bergamo area which trains numerous teachers who apply the method in many schools on 5 continents.


In 1965 Fondazione Scuola Montessori in Bergamo was founded.


It was recognized as a non-profit organization.


In 2018 the new school in via Giangiuseppe Brembilla in the Longuelo quarter was inaugurated.


The role of President and Legal Representative of the school was taken over by Renato Tassetti in 2020, while in 2018 the position of educational coordinator was given to Monica Bertuletti, a highly experienced Montessori teacher.

If you want to learn more about the history of the Montessori school you can download our brochure:


To see a video that traces a Montessori pupil’s path.

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